VELO - Casual Racer w/Jersey Pouch (E-series) : Cycling Intercom for Communication

  • $209.00 usd

Unlike walkie talkies and cycling race radios, the VELO Cycling Communication for Casual Racers allows you to engage in secure and effective real-time communication for strategy and safety. You need NOT need to push-to-talk and all 4 racers can communicate simultaneously without losing valuable time for team coordination.  With no channel interference, there is no more confusion with other groups using walkies nearby.  

The lightweight wallet-sized jersey pouch fits safely and nicely without discomfort in your jersey back pocket. It secures your VELO Cycling Intercom and also keeps money and credit card dry.

For casual racing and riding, the Racer is the best lightweight, easy-to-use cycling intercom in the market today! 

Pick one up now for yourself and your cycling buddies to experience the benefits and excitement using the latest cycling communication technology today!

Contents: VELO Cycling Intercom, VERTIX Single-Ear Headset, VELO Jersey Pouch, Remote Control (with mounting kit), VERTIX Charging & Data Cable

Not included: CR2032 battery for Remote Control

The VELO Cycling Intercom comes with 1 year limited warranty from date of purchase. The VERTIX Single-Ear Headset has a limited warranty of 90 days.

Note: Helmet not included, for illustration purpose only.

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