Frequently Asked Questions

Outdoor Sports Communication


EZ Mount attachment useful life

Signal Interference in intercom mode

Warranty Service

I can not hear properly because the speakers are not loud enough.

Can I use a Motorcycle cigarette charger?

Can I charge my Raptor-i and use it at the same time?

I am unable to charge my Raptor-i

My Raptor-i "froze" or stopped working unexpectedly

My Raptor-i does not automatically reconnect with my mobile phone

I have difficulty pairing with my mobile phone

I am having intermittent or poor connection with my mobile phone or other devices

I hear an echo and/or high-pitched sounds from my speakers

I sometimes hear background noise while listening to music from my mobile phone/media player

My FM radio does not play/detect the desired station

There is no sound from my speakers or only one speaker is working

I am unable to Power ON my set

Velo / Actio series

Signal Interference in intercom mode

I face difficulty in pairing my Velo intercom with my friend. What is wrong and what should I do?

How to perform a Factory Reset when you are still unable to pair your sets.

I am unable to pair the remote control to the control unit.

Warranty Service

The microphone length is too short. I can’t get the microphone to be directly in front of my mouth.

The remote control does not light up when I press the buttons even though I have inserted a new battery.

My microphone does not seem to work properly and appears to be less sensitive.

How can I mount my RB-01 headset easily?

The speakers of my headset does not seem to be loud enough or has lost some of its musical fidelity. What can I do?

How can I remove the EZ Mount Dual lock velcro which is strongly fixed inside my helmet'sfoam structure?

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