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VELO - Road Biker : Cycling Intercom for Communication

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The rugged all-weather wireless cycling intercom, VERTIX Velo, is specially designed for roadies. It provides intercom chat for up to 4 cyclists (distance of up to 1.5km) and connects wirelessly to your smartphone for phone calls, music, radio or GPS.  The VERTIX Velo enhances safety and enjoyment through crystal clear, real-time voice communication using our proprietery Cut-The-Noise Technology. 

This Velo system comes with a specially designed, durable set of floating speakers and Mic which offers easy and straightforward mounting on almost any regular vented helmet. 

The sleek, finely-tuned speaker enclosures comes in a stylish, smoke-grey brushed aluminium finish with powerful weather-resistant speakers to produce the best sounding music and crystal clear voice quality.

The speakers hover outside the ear providing full environmental awareness even while you are communicating or listening to music.  You can easily lower the volume if you feel it is too loud by simply moving the speakers further as they are mounted on flexible booms.

This system seamlessly integrates with your helmet making it easy to put on and take off without wires running over your body.

For those tired of shouting or not being able to hear commands or conversations clearly in the midst of traffic noise, wind noise, rain or when riding further apart, even those who love to ride but may be challenged in ability to hear clearly, you will love to use the VERTIX Velo!

Contents: VELO Cycling Intercom, VELO Road Bike Headset (with mounting kit), VELO Helmet Mount, VERTIX Charging & Data Cable

The VELO Cycling Intercom comes with 1 year limited warranty from date of purchase. The VELO Road Bike Headset has a limited warranty of 90 days.

Note: Helmet not included, for illustration purpose only.

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Jan W.
Switzerland Switzerland


Very prompt delivery (a few days from SG to CH), DHL handled customs. Works as intended, no problem at 30 km/h. Just need to find the correct voice pitch/strength - quiet speaking is not transmitted (which is fine). Can warmly recommend, this is useful and improves safety.

Alastair M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Excellent cycling intercom system

My wife and I recently bought the Vertix Velo "road biker" intercom system. Although it's quite expensive (particularly when you have to pay tax and customs duty when it arrives in the UK) in our opinion it's a fantastic system --- nothing short of transformational. We bought the intercom system to improve communication between us when we're out on our bikes --- "Which way at this junction?" "Watch out for that van." Etc. --- and it certainly does that. What I hadn't expected is that as well as facilitating communication it also enables conversation. Before we had the intercom system, if I wanted to say something to my wife I had to wait until we were fairly close and then shout. Now I can just chat to her in a relaxed way, speaking at a normal conversational volume. It's absolutely brilliant. Rather than just getting our heads down and pedalling, with occasional shouted comments, we can chat away about all sorts of things --- interesting things in the fields we're cycling past, what we're having for tea that evening, where we might like to go on holidays, etc., etc. In summary, although the Vertix Velo intercom system is expensive we regard it as being well worth the money. By the way, buying and importing the system was very straightforward. Although I'd have been happy to sort out the pairing arrangements myself, the Vertix people did the set-up for us before sending it off (from Singapore, I gather) and the courier sent me an email about the tax and customs duty payment, which I was able to make via their web site. Simples! (as a well-known meerkat used to say).

Robert W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

World first - custom headset!

Wanting to communicate safely while cycling and after trying various solutions we selected the Vertix Velo Road Rider system. The speakers attach to the helmet and the radio to the back of your helmet. Sadly the radio interfered with my wife's DBS unit fitted for her Parkinsons. Vertix were amazing and made her a special headset with a longer cable so we could fit the radio to a belt. It arrived in time for our (team of 5) charity bike ride (virtual Lands End to John'Groats) . We have tested it over 7 days now with no problems! Thank you Vertix

Clifford H.
United States United States

Absolutely the best $300 we've spent!

My wife and I ride a tandem bike. Even though we are just a few feet apart my hearing isn't what it was and she doesn't like to shout. With the vertix systems we can carry on a continuous conversation at normal levels the entire ride. I think we talk more on the bike now than off! Thanks Vertix! You guys rock!

Caroline H.
United Kingdom

Great product

Great product, audio clarity excellent, light weight, great range. Not the easiest of instruction for installation on helmet - some larger coloured pictures would be appreciated along with additional fixing pieces in case of wrong placement. However once installed product fantastic

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