“Using the VERTIX Velo makes it so much easier to communicate with other cyclists on my ride because I don’t need to shout, speed up or slow down just to get a message across. The road bike headset is so light and unobtrusive that after some time, I forget that it is even there. The audio quality is really crisp too.”

Julian Lim,  Avid Cyclist, Singapore



“We used the VERTIX Velo for several local rides and on our last tour in Ireland and we are most impressed with its performance. Definitely the BEST cycling intercom we have used up to now! One of the best features of the VERTIX Velo is the VOX capabilites.”

“It is by far superior to the VOX of PMR radios. The noise filtering voice-activated mic deactivates when there’s no communication.”

“We find it very useful to keep in contact as we both cycle at different pace. It is great to be able to tell each other what we have seen, warn of danger such as pothole, give directions and generally be sociable with each other without having to ride next to each other or shout from behind.”

John and Frank, Cycletourer, United Kingdom


“I am a director of a Physical Therapy business with 7 locations and a large staff. It is important for me to be in contact with staff, case manager’s medical specialists and suppliers when I am riding during work hours. The VERTIX Velo is excellent for answering calls on the ride. I do occasionally make an outgoing call and it is easy to do so. I do not miss calls and can extend my training times and hours on the bike because of this. I paid for the VERTIX Velo as work equipment, as I do my cell phone.”

Graeme Nuttridge, New Zealand


VELO Racer

“Team GP Riders used the VERTIX Velo Racer during a recent charity ride down from Malacca to Singapore over 240km. We appreciated the ability to speak freely with each other even though we were dispersed throughout the pack. Speech was clear, the team had no issues communicating with each other and wind noise did not pose a problem. The units performed flawlessly in wet weather.”

Adrian John Lim, GP Riders, Singapore



VERTIX Raptor-i crystal clear sound quality and long lasting battery life makes riding alone more enjoyable! Be it in the motorcycle track or touring around cities, experience riding in style with VERTIX Raptor-i!

Sylvester Kay, Avid Motorcycle Tourer, Chef and Restaurant owner, Thailand


VERTIX Raptor-i are working a treat, even in the snow high up on the Transalpina road in Romania. Loving it because communication is clear and it is so quick to charge!

John and Mary Spencer, Avid Motorcycle Tourers, Australia


"I have been using the VERTIX Raptor-i intercom in my daily commute for a while now and it is a wonderful product! I have greater freedom to communicate and also enjoy high quality music especially on my long rides."

Kiew Yuan, Casual & Tour Biker, Singapore



"I have been using VERTIX Raptor-i on my motorcycle tours to Malaysia and Thailand for the past 3 years. The VERTIX Raptor-i works well, especially when communicating with my fellow rider!"

Weh Weh, Avid Motorcycle Tourer, Singapore



“Using the VERTIX ACTIO enables us to increase warehouse productivity as we are able to communicate real-time and provide up to date information even though we were dispersed throughout the warehouse."

Edmund, Astrans Pte Ltd, Leading Logistics Provider, Singapore