Technology – VERTIX GLOBAL


All About Clarity


The algorithm in our Digital Signal Processor (DSP) is meticulously tuned using actual road tests to filter out disturbances such as wind-induced and environmental noise in real time, giving you astounding communication quality even under the most demanding conditions.

Easy to Use Intercom design

Intuitive Control

Our sculpted X-grooved Raptor-i control unit interface and wireless remote control are designed for intuitive controls even when you are wearing gloves.

The four-quadrant big button layout compensate for reduced pressing accuracy while the directional controls of the wireless remote enables simple, intuitive operation.

The Velo's buttons offer good tactile feel for easy and reliable operation even without the remote control.  For safety, all Velos are packaged with remote controls for safe riding as the control unit is mounted behind the helmet.

Easy Mounting & Aerodynamic Design

Attach and remove your set easily with the EZ-Mount system. The Raptor-i comes with heavy duty fasteners for easy attachment with minimal gap between helmet and control unit for better aerodynamic which also reduces wind noise. The Velo is easily mounted on most helmets and also be carried in a belt pouch or jersey pouch.

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