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RAPTOR-i Boom Mic Speaker Headset for Open Face Helmet (RTR-BS-02)

  • $39.00 usd

This accessory is designed specifically to work with the VERTIX Raptor-i Motorcycle Communication Control Unit for Open Face Helmet and you can buy this to mount on another Open Face helmet for easy use interchangeably.

The VERTIX Raptor-i Boom Mic Speaker headset for Open Face Helmet is amongst the best Hi Fidelity sounding headsets available in the market. The speakers are specially tuned to produce the best sounding and balanced bass and treble for music or speech. They are also designed to deliver the highest audio output in excess of 100db at 1cm with the VERTIX Raptor-i. This is the key reason for the VERTIX Raptor-i to have an automatic default volume firmware to prevent ear damage from accidental peak audio output during the next ride.

Contents: VERTIX Raptor-i Boom Mic Speaker Headset for Open Face Helmet (with EZ Mount)

Not included: VERTIX Raptor-i Motorcycle Communication Control Unit for Open Face Helmet 

The VERTIX Raptor-i Boom Mic Speaker Headset for Open Face Helmet has a limited warranty of 90 days. 

NOTE :  This item qualifies for cheaper shipping which may take up to 20 days for delivery; in most cases about 15 days to most destinations.  Outlying areas and some countries may take longer.  Please email support@vertixglobal.com indicating the product name and quantity if you wish to use this option. 

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