VELO Mountain Bike Headset

  • $35.00 usd

This accessory is designed specifically to work with the VERTIX Velo Cycling Communication Control Unit for Mountain Bikers and you can buy this to replace or use as spare for your current system.

The VERTIX Velo Mountain Bike Headset will flush closely to your ears to minimise protrusions which could be caught by branches when riding. The earpiece also face forward instead of into your ear to prevent blocking from hearing surrounding sounds, your gears, etc for awareness.

The grip pressure when delivered may be adjusted if they are too tight or loose by heating with a hair dryer or gently over a gas stove at the centre U-bend to soften the virgin plastic and adjust to your desired fit.

Contents: VERTIX Velo Mountain Bike Headset

Not included: VERTIX Velo Cycling Communication Control Unit for Mountain Bikers

The VERTIX Velo Mountain Bike Headset has a limited warranty of 90 days. 

NOTE :  This item qualifies for cheaper shipping which may take up to 20 days for delivery; in most cases about 15 days to most destinations.  Outlying areas and some countries may take longer.  Please email indicating the product name and quantity if you wish to use this option. 

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