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Vertix Velo Helmet headset for cycling communication (version 2)

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Quite early on when we started cycletouring we have been using radio communication between us whilst cycling. We find it very useful to keep in contact as we both cycle at a different pace. Sometimes I'll be a bit faster and ahead or I'll stop for a quick photo and be behind Frank. It is then great to be able to tell each other what we have seen, warn of dangers such as potholes, give directions and generally be sociable with each other without having to ride next to each other or shout from behind.

We have used various radio systems mostly the PMR radios with headsets. Initially we had been using headsets with the VOX capabilities of the radios. There was one big disadvantage to this system and that was any noise say a passing car would be transmitted over the radio. This would mean that the person in front would hear the car passing the rider behind and then the rider behind would hear the car passing you. This became quite irritating especially in heavy traffic. We then switched to a headset that used a push to talk button on the handle bars. This worked much better but the wires were a real nuisance. When you came to stop and you needed to get off your bike you had a wire to disconnect from your headset and you then had to remember to connect it back together when you got back on. It also meant that when you wanted to take the bar-bag with you you had to disconnect the push button on your handlebars from your bar-bag where the radio was stored.

We were therefore quite excited when VERTIX contacted us asking us to review the VERTIX Velo for Road Bikers as it was a radio and headset combination that fitted on to the cycling helmet with no wires to disconnect when getting on and off your bike.

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