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ACTIO Ear Muffs Communication

  • $189.00 usd

ACTIO Ear Muffs Wireless Communication Headsets are designed for use in tough and noisy work environments to provide handsfree communication when incorporated with ear muffs to better protect your workforce and increase their productivity.  Our leading-edge digital, noise-filtering communication technology provides astounding noise filtering for accurate and comfortable communication out in the field, even when working next to noisy machinery.  You will be amazed with VERTIX ACTIO superior noise filtering capabilities and also cost-effectiveness.

Unlike walkie talkies, there is no need to "push-to-talk (PTT)" and channel interference is greatly minimised while communicating critical information as ACTIO uses frequency hopping technology. It is also safer than walkie talkies as all team members working on the project can communicate simultaneously to warn of dangers without waiting for their turn to speak. The voice-activated microphone turns on automatically when you speak making it truly hands-free!

You can effectively communicate real-time for up to 4 members in each team and to ensure that you can work all day, the system allows you to charge OTG (On-The-Go) with any small power pack together with an OTG Charging Cable Accessory.

Simply fit the headset into your ear muffs and mount the ACTIO using the easy to use elastic mounting strap on your safety helmet and you are good to go!

Contents: ACTIO Intercom, VERTIX Boom Mic with Dual Speakers Headset, OTG Charging Cable Accessory, VERTIX Elastic Mounting Strap, VERTIX Charging & Data Cable

The ACTIO Intercom comes with 1 year limited warranty from date of purchase. VERTIX Boom Mic with Dual Speakers Headset, OTG Charging Cable Accessory has a limited warranty of 90 days.

Note: Helmet not included, for illustration purpose only.

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