VELO - Downhill Biker : Cycling Intercom for Communication

  • $179.00 usd

The rugged all-weather wireless cycling intercom, VELO for downhill Bikers is specially designed to address the need for instant communication in this daring sport in places where there are no cellphone signals. It provides intercom chat for up to 4 bikers (with a distance of up to *1.5 km between the first and last biker) with wireless connectivity to your phone or GPS.  The VELO enhances safety and enjoyment through crystal clear, real-time voice communication using our proprietary Cut-The-Noise Technology. 

As communication by shouting is not possible given the speed and attention required, the VELO will be a joy to have when you need to quickly alert of dangers ahead or simply know immediately if your buddies behind fell. Sudden downpours and poor visibility can happen anytime during your ride. With the VELO, you are always in touch with your riding buddies. 

You can effectively communicate real-time for up to 4 riders and to ensure that you can ride all day, the system allows you to charge OTG (On-The-Go) with any small power pack together with an OTG Charging Cable Accessory.

Lightweight and stylish, the VELO's crystal clear, real-time communication delivers greater enjoyment and safer downhill rides you and your buddies will love.  

Get the VELO Cycling Communication for Downhill Biking today!

Contents: VELO Downhill Intercom, VERTIX Boom Mic with Dual Speakers Headset, OTG Charging Cable Accessory, VERTIX Belt Pouch, VERTIX Charging & Data Cable

The VELO Downhill Intercom comes with 1 year limited warranty from date of purchase. VERTIX Boom Mic with Dual Speakers Headset, OTG Charging Cable Accessory has a limited warranty of 90 days.

*In a daisy chain connection within line of sight.

Note: Helmet and googles not included, for illustration purpose only.

Installation Video : Coming soon!

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