SPORTIVO Equestrian - Rider with Helmet (EH Series) : Intercom for Communication

  • $169.00 usd

The rugged Equestrian headset is designed specially for your sport and comes with a voice-activated microphone. It has the ability to provide intercom chat for 4 riders (up to 1.5km apart) and unlike walkie talkies, you DO NOT need to push-to-talk.  It also wirelessly connects to your smartphone for phone calls, music, radio or GPS. If you do not need this, simply do not connect. The Sportivo Equestrian will greatly enhance your safety, enjoyment and training through clearer and better communication with ease.

E Series comes with the VERTIX Single-Ear Headset. 

Contents: Sportivo Equestrian Intercom, VERTIX Single-Ear Headset, VERTIX Elastic Helmet Mount, VERTIX Charging & Data Cable

The Sportivo Equestrian Intercom comes with 1 year limited warranty from date of purchase. The VERTIX Single-Speaker Headset has a limited warranty of 90 days.

Note: Helmet not included, for illustration purpose only.

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