RAPTOR-i Motorcycle Communication - FM (Full Face Helmet)

  • $189.00

Raptor-i, the solution to clear communication on the highway. Hear and be heard clearly even at highway speeds up to 210km/hr with the Raptor-i latest Cut the Noise Digital Signal Processing Technology. Be aware - the Raptor-i audio can be turned up pretty loud too, with power to penetrate your ear plugs!  Conveniently access the built-in FM radio for audio entertainment. Pair it with your smartphone for navigation information and music while on the go. Phone calls are automatically answered after a few rings. 

The Wired Mic Full Face Speaker Headset has integrated speakers for easy mounting on full-face helmet designs and nothing in your ears when you are riding.

Optional: For further ease of use and safety, pair it with the handle bar mounted Raptor-i Remote Control. 

The EZ rider includes the Raptor-i Remote Control.

Contents: Raptor-i Motorcycle Intercom, Raptor-i Wired Mic Full Face Speaker Headset (with EZ Mount), Raptor-i Remote Control with mounting kit (only for EZ rider), VERTIX Charging & Data Cable.

Not included: CR2032 battery for Raptor-i Remote Control

The Raptor-i Motorcycle Intercom comes with 1 year limited warranty from date of purchase. The Raptor-i Wired Mic Full Face Speaker Headset and Raptor-i Remote Control has a limited warranty of 90 days. 

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