Noise Filtering Wireless Intercom Headsets

Designed for Sports & Recreation

Our wireless intercom headsets are designed to enable clear communication for those engaged in sports and recreation. What sets us apart is our signature Cut-the-Noise™ noise filtering technology which we have developed through extensive research and development.

For Powered Sports
Raptor-i is specially designed for motor sports such as motorcycling, ATV, powered paragliding – which typically have high levels of engine or wind noises. Our noise filtering Cut-the-Noise™ technology is specifically engineered to filter out these background engine and wind noises. It has been tried and tested for its undisputed clear and crisp communication even at travelling speeds above 200kph.

For Human-Powered Sports
is designed to facilitate 2-way group communication for sports and recreation such as cycling. It comes with a Voice Activated Mic, which reduces transmission of heavy breathing or pants by deactivating itself when there’s no communication going on.

We are very proud to be partners and the Official Communication of various cycling events such as OCBC Cycle 2015, Urban Wheels 2015 and Tour de Bintan 2016.

Safe Cycling Tips #1: Right Cross

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Partner of NTU Bike Rally 2016

With our common mission of promoting safe cycling in Singapore, we are happy to be part of the much-anticipated NTU Bike Rally 2016! ...

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