Noise Filtering Wireless Bluetooth Intercom Headsets

Designed for Sports & Recreation

Our wireless bluetooth intercom headsets are built to provide clear communication for those engaged in sports and recreation. Extensive research and development has been invested in our signature Cut-the-Noise™ noise filtering technology.

M Series, Raptor-i
Specially designed for motorcyclists to provide fuss-free wireless communication on the move, with superb sound clarity. It’s tried and tested for its undisputed clear and crisp communication even at speeds above 200kph.

B Series, Velo
Specially built for recreational road or mountain bikers. We are extremely pleased to be one of the partners for OCBC Cycle 2015, the Official Sports Communication for Urban Wheels 2015, and Tour de Bintan 2015. 
With its ability to wirelessly connect to the user’s smartphone for calls, music or GPS, Velo is poised to enhance the safety and enjoyment of riding.

VERTIX B Series, Velo - Wireless Cyclist Headset
VERTIX M Series - Raptor-i, wireless helmet communicator for motor bikers
Accessories for VERTIX wireless communication systems specially designed for sports and recreation

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