ACTIO No Helmet Communication

  • $169.00

ACTIO No Helmet Communication system provides non-sports users who need an affordable, simple, and lightweight system for coordination.  This is suited for small groups engaged in outdoor activities such as school excursions, parties, events,.... or you are providing services requiring inconspicuous coordination for VIPs.

The small and ligtweight Actio packs a punch to empower you during such ocassions without looking like a security guard using a heavy and bulky walkie talkie.  It comes with voice activated microphone and frequency hopping technology to deliver crisp, clear voice quality without interference from other walkie talkies.  The Actio weighs a mere 50g (1.8oz) and can be used continuously for upto 6 hours on a single charge!

Contents: ACTIO Intercom, VERTIX Single-Ear Headset or VERTIX Single-Speaker Headset (Long), VERTIX Belt Pouch, VERTIX Charging & Data Cable

The ACTIO Intercom comes with 1 year limited warranty from date of purchase. VERTIX Single-Ear Headset or VERTIX Single-Speaker Headset (Long) has a limited warranty of 90 days.

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