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VERTIX Velo Pro Racer used by Ultra Cyclist Javier Iriberri in World's Toughest Cycling Race

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Ultra Cyclist Javier Iriberri completed the Race Across America using VERTIX Velo Pro Racer cycling communication system on 23 June 2018 in just 11 days 3 hours and 56 mins.

Javier participated in the solo category riding the full distance of 4,860 km from Oceanside (California) to Annapolis (Maryland) with climbs totalling some 55,000 m. He completed the race in 3rd place.

To keep it as lightweight as possible, VERTIX customised the VERTIX Velo Pro Racer for Javier, keeping it below 100g which is much lighter than the lightest cycling helmet in the world. The VERTIX Velo Pro Racer provided high quality, full duplex, secure, hands-free communication for Javier and his support vehicle which was up to 500m away.

Marta, a crew member in his team said, “The VERTIX Velo Pro Racer is most helpful in providing direction to Javier during the night when he is riding through the towns. Voice quality and range were exceptionally good and it was very easy to use. Javier can also easily acknowledge us without looking behind to wave his hands to signal. With the VERTIX Velo Pro Racer, he can do this positively just by talking without having to push any buttons.” Javier agreed and said “No more neck pain for me as I no longer need to look behind during this 4,860km ride to signal to my crew in the support vehicle. Thank you VERTIX for the VERTIX Velo Pro Racer!”

Philip Tan, CEO of Xtreme DSP Global Pte. Ltd. and brand owner of VERTIX said, “VERTIX congratulates Javier and we are truly happy to know that he can communicate effectively with his team throughout the race when needed. The VERTIX Velo Pro Racer Javier used is designed to be lightweight and simple to use and these are key factors in ultra-cycling and all professional sports.”

May Tian, senior marketing executive at VERTIX added, “This is a happy and proud moment for us, knowing that professional athletes and casual sports enthusiasts benefit from VERTIX range of hands-free, real-time communication system that is customised to the demands of the different sports, with casual sports enthusiasts experiencing enhanced enjoyment, safety and giving professional athletes an added edge in their sports.”

Philip Tan (left), CEO, Xtreme DSP Global Pte Ltd with Javier Iriberri (right), Ultra Cyclist.

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