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VERTIX is pleased to announce its collaboration with Cambria Band, the world’s busiest marching band in the world, from Mold, Flintshire UK. On average, they perform 40 gigs a year for all kinds of events from weddings, carnivals, grand openings, charity fundraisers, sporting events to historical remembrances.

At the World Rally Championship in 2016, the Cambria Band walked the cars over the start ramp. It was especially difficult for the musicians to communicate with the flag carriers due to the noise from the cars.

Adam Phillips, band leader said, “I have been trying to find a communication system that enables the musicians at the back to talk to the flag carriers at the front. Communication is especially crucial for events like World Rally Championships, where engines are roaring. We are excited to put the VERTIX Actio Cut-the-Noise headsets to the test and we are confident it will improve coordination within the band during gigs.”

The Actio range from VERTIX is specially designed for work and outdoor activities in loud and noisy places which requires clarity of communication.  While the VERTIX Actio is largely used for work applications, this use for a marching band such as Cambria Band is extremely demanding. “We simulated the noisy environment that Cambria Band members face. In addition to the Cut-the-Noise technology, we also customised the headsets, giving them the option to switch off the mic. This demonstrates our commitment in customising solutions based on the needs and not a one size fits all solution!” says Philip Tan, CEO of VERTIX.

Adam Philips added, “We are most delighted to be the ambassador for VERTIX and share with those who require hands-free communication! The folks at VERTIX are also most helpful and responsive to our needs.”

As part of the collaboration, VERTIX will be offering 10% off for Cambria Band supporters and fans with promo code: CAMBRIABAND10 upon checkout at! We will also be donating 5% of sales proceeds to Cambria Band.

To support Cambria Band, you may make a donation at

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