Wireless Cyclist Headset

Redefining cycling communication

Enhance Safety

  • Complements hand signals
  • Communicating effectively, & always staying connected
  • In low light or raining situations

More Fun

  • Shouting not required, & breathing rhythm is maintained
  • Share moments easily with fellow cyclists


 when you cycle at night

What do you do when hand signals are limited in low light?

when you cycle in the rain

 How do you communicate when hearing & sight are both limited in rains?

when you cycle in forest or mountain areas

How do you stay connected when cycling overseas with no mobile network?

 Introducing VERTIX Velo..

vertix velo connects up to 4 cyclists

Simultaneous 4-way communication

Intercom connects up to 4 cyclists for simultaneous real-time communication, alerts and warnings

VERTIX Velo connects up to 4 cyclists for 1.5km range

Up to 1.5km total range

Intercom range up to 500m (2 cyclists), and 1.5km (4 cyclists). As long as the cyclist behind is able to see the cyclist in front, even if the last cyclist is not able to see the 1st cyclist, all 4 cyclists are able to communicate with each other

VERTIX Velo voice activated mic

Voice Activated Mic

Noise Filtering Voice-activated Mic deactivates when there’s no communication. This means that when you are not talking, your heavy breathing or pants wouldn’t be transmitted to your team

vertix velo road bike headset

Retain Environmental Awareness

Specially designed high quality Road Biking Headset hovers outside your ears – remain aware of your surroundings while staying connected with your team

Raptor-i remote control on handlebar, for motorcyclists

Includes Wireless Remote Control

Easy operation through handlebar-mounted Wireless Remote Control

vertix velo aerodynamic design

Aerodynamic Design

Aerodynamic designed to mount behind your helmet which doesn’t disrupt airflow

VERTIX Velo lasts up to 10 hours

Up to 10 hours of talking

Up to 10 hours usage, USB rechargeable

VERTIX Velo is water and dust resistant

All Weather

Water-resistant, dust-proof for the adventurous

VERTIX Velo syncs with smartphone for music

Music Enjoyment

Enjoy music from your smartphone

VERTIX Velo answers calls automatically

Auto Answer Calls

Any incoming calls would be automatically picked up after a few rings. If you don’t want to answer any calls, reject with a button press with the Wireless Remote Control

vertix velo easy installation & removel

Easy Installation & Removal

Velo is designed for easy mounting and removal from your helmet to facilitate cleaning

VERTIX Velo warranty

International Warranty

VERTIX Velo comes with 1 year International Warranty, 90 days for accessories.

 “I just bought 2 sets, for me and my wife to use in our weekly cycling. The communication is pretty good. We tried out the sets, it’s pretty impressive. The sound quality is good.”

Chan Wei Wen, Singapore

 “The Velo device gives us safety and it’s a great way to communicate… I definitely will recommend to people who cycle in groups. It’s really useful..

Shan Shan, Singapore

 “I am a director of a Physical Therapy business with 7 locations and a large staff. It is important for me to be in contact with staff, case manager’s medical specialists and suppliers when I am riding during work hours. The Velo is excellent for answering calls on the ride. I do occasionally make an outgoing call and it is easy to do so. I do not miss calls and can extend my training times and hours on the bike because of this. I paid for the Velo as work equipment, as I do my cell phone.”

Graeme Nuttridge, New Zealand